Tom Mower

05.2015 Alison Turnbull (website)
03.2015 Large Glass Gallery (identity)
02.2015 A Book of Burning Matches (publication)
07.2014 London Doctorial Design Center (website)
04.2014 Chickenshed Theatre (promotion)
01.2014 Universal Fragments (publication)
01.2014 Alison Turnbull: Exercise Book (publication)
12.2013 Field Grey Notes on Uniforms (note card)
09.2013 Culture + Commerce: Designs For A Different City (installation)
07.2013 Motorcycle Cultures (programme)
06.2013 Lo! A Croydon Digest (publication)
05.2013 Trevor Shearer (print)
03.2013 Cartographies of Life & Death (exhibition)
12.2012 Field Grey Notes on Uniforms (note card)
10.2012 Banned in London (web-based map)
09.2012 Fashioning the City (programme)
06.2012 Visiting Artists Campaign Victory (poster)
05.2012 Tableware Amnesty (event)
12.2011 Field Grey Notes on Uniforms (note card)
08.2011 Manifesto Club (identity)
06.2011 Margarita Gluzberg (website)
11.2010 Alternative Guides (residency)
10.2010 Mulberry Tree Press (publication)
04.2010 Thinkpiece essay series (publication)
06.2009 Attention Please (website & publication)
11.2008 EU Phrasebook (publication)
07.2008 A World Aglow (article)
10.2007 Swatch Alternative Arts Fashion Show (uniform)